D.C. Rapier : Feeling Fifteen Again        


Bestselling Author of Break on Through, STONE and The Bishop of Rwanda. Former writer for Rolling Stone, Circus, Cream and Crawdaddy, The Chicago Daily News and The Kansas City Star

This album is a wonderful ride through a spectrum of musical styles. D.C. Rapier is one of the very best vocalists you will ever hear.  Everyone who has ever seen him perform knows that to be true.  The unexpected surprise on his new album Feeling Fifteen Again is the variety of ways this talent can be expressed and enjoyed.

From the opening track, Bloodied but Unbowed, it is clear that D.C. Rapier is a greatly gifted vocalist. His vast range and rich tones combine with a unique sense of style among vocalists of his caliber to give the listener a rich and distinctive experience. The second cut, If it Ain’t Broke takes the energy up a notch which rises even more with Small Town Boys, a happy jumping track that conjures up good memories and fun times.  Never Thought I Could Feel This Way, is a moody venture where Rapier shows off his considerable saxophone skills. The title track, Feeling Fifteen Again. follows and it is a warm tribute to all those many musicians who have set off to conquer the rock ‘n’ roll stage,  Rapier’s deep authoritive voice gives this wistful song about the dreams of youth an irony that provides a depth of soul.  Older Than I Look is a fun blues/pop look at a man aging past his inner desires and trying to come to terms with settling down,

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on Rapier, it takes the sound in a completely different direction with Wildwood that give me the feeling of somber opera from another time with a twist of rock guitar. Baby Come Back is takes us back into the blues and Who You Gonna Run To? has a reggae feel accompanying a cynical bit of lyrical advice presumably based on the wisdom of painful experience. Bull Toad Blues rocks out with a pop feel energy that makes you want to get up and dance. As for the lyrics, we’ve all had a bull toad in our life at one point or another – and they do give you the blues. Best Laid Plans is slow R&B mixed with a touch of gospel, like an Otis Redding tune. It’s pretty methodical, but when delivered with Rapier’s great voice it becomes something more, something deeper. The next track, Best Thing in My Life, is a great vocal ride that takes us from the dark to the bright, upbeat and fun. Keep on Rollin’ is also a lot of fun, moving in and out of an early rock ‘n’ roll and a late ‘40s feel. Like so many cuts on this album, it is an interesting way to go..

The classic rich sound of Rapier’s voice comes through again and again. Blending this with a wide range of music styles from rock, blues, a touch of jazz, country and classical that are couched in the great arrangement styles of the pop music sound of the 40s and 50s give Feeling Fifteen Again” a listening adventure like nothing else.