Feeling Fifteen Again

This version of the song, ‘Feeling Fifteen Again’ – the title song from my solo album – was re-recorded at
Yu Chen Cinema Studios for this music video.

Music and lyrics written by DC Rapier
Produced by Andrew Page 葉祖安
Edited by Andrew Shen 沈旻賢
Videographers: Cheng Shuen-Ren 鄭舜仁, Jen Pong-Yuan 任鵬元
Art Director: Ivy Lin 林欣蓉

Lead Vocals: DC Rapier
Guitar: Jacob Liang
Fender Rhodes: Duke Page
Bass: G. E. Anderson
Drums: Chuck Payne
Backing Vocals: Queenie 黃琨婷, Suzanne 任書欣

Recorded and filmed May 21st, 2019 at Yu Chen Cinema Studios Taipei, Taiwan
Recording Engineer: Jason Hsu
Mixed by Jay Rodgers at Full Moon Studios Athens, Georgia USA
Mastered by Brian Elgin at Radpit Studios Taipei
Production Assistant: Johnnie Lin

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